About Us

Tipo184 is a brave new automotive brand from the Dowsetts Classic Cars stable

We are a British automotive engineering company creating bespoke cars that are unique pieces of art in their own right.

Every Dowsetts creation has British heritage at its core. We take inspiration from the evocative design style and sensuous curves of twentieth century sports and race cars, blend this with modern engineering and drivetrain technology in our quest to create designs that are truly unique and accessible for enthusiasts around the world.

Ant Anstead’s personal build of a replica of the Alfa Romeo 158 classic racing car was televised on his Master Mechanic show on the Discovery Motor Trend network in 2019.

The re-creation of this iconic vehicle which was one of the most successful racing cars ever produced was inspirational for many viewers and sparked interest in what could be done with an informed approach to building a car from a set of parts and a donor vehicle.

Dowsetts has taken this “can do” spirit and created a self-build, Motorsport UK compliant vehicle that the average enthusiast can build at home in their own time. We provide the parts and you provide the donor vehicle and roll up your sleeves.

We want to inspire a new generation of mechanics and build a community of car builders around the world.
We want people to enjoy their car on the track and on the road.
We want people to share their stories.

If you want to blend into the crowd, go elsewhere. If you want to make a statement, build a Tipo184 with your friends and family and really enjoy the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands!