The Tipo184 team are thrilled to announce a new partnership with The British Racing & Sports Car Club to launch a brand new dedicated race series for the Tipo184

The innovative Tipo184 self-build sports car, based on Mazda MX-5 running gear, is the brainchild of TV personality and car designer/builder Ant Anstead and the expert team at Dowsetts.

Said Ant Anstead, “I was so inspired by the Alfa 158 that I made my own version of it from scratch. It was such a great experience building and driving it that I wanted to give other enthusiasts the opportunity to build their own. It’s about getting people at home rolling up their sleeves and building something themselves, using easy-to-source and affordable MX-5 components. I’m really delighted that The BRSCC will be working with us to bring those personal builds to the race-track and can’t wait to see a grid full of them.”

The new BRSCC series will kick off with a series of track days, culminating in a stand-alone Tipo184 race series. The planned race format will consist of a 15-minute qualifying session followed by two 15-minute sprint races at major circuits across the UK.

Greg Graham, BRSCC Head of Formulae Development spoke of his enthusiasm for this new partnership and race series, saying, “When we were approached by Ant and Dowsetts to introduce us to their Tipo184 project, it was immediately apparent that they had developed something very interesting and credible. We believe that their historically styled race machine could almost create a new market niche, and it’s one that the BRSCC are delighted to support and develop with them. Even when taking aside the beautiful classic styling…the low cost of the kit and popularity of cheap MX-5 donor cars should make the Tipo184 race series attractive to a whole new community of builder drivers”.