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Build an F1 Legend at home

Build your own 1930s Grand Prix car using a single Mazda MX-5 donor.

Get inspired to roll-up your sleeves at home, and at your own pace transform your MOT failure MX-5 into an F1 legend.

Barrett Jackson SOLD for $100k!



Master Mechanic

Follow in the footsteps of Ant Anstead on his "Master Mechanic" TV show when he created his tribute to the Alfa 158 - the iconic Grand Prix car that won the first ever World Championship GP at Silverstone in 1950!

In case you missed it:
From this...
Scrapped MX5 car
to this!

Starter Kit

£9,499 +VAT (+P&P)

Start Kit

Starter Kit in this offer consists of bespoke chassis, hand built body panels, grill, exhaust, gear linkage, dash panel & steering column




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Start building your F1 legend!

Our order books are quickly filling up but you can still build this iconic vehicle at home at your own pace.

Our starter kit, consisting of some of the key bespoke components required for the build, is available at £9,499 +VAT (+P&P)

Order your Starter Kit now.

    For general enquiries please email the team at

    A 360 CAD view of the starter chassis
    Drivers height diagram 1
    Drivers height diagram 2
    Close up of Ant driving the Tipo
    Exploded aerial shot of car parts

    We have assembled a ready-to-go kit to accept your MX-5 donor allowing this car to be built at home.

    Build Chapters

    To assist each home builder we have broken your build into chapters, all available separately

    All kits below available from Q2

    100% payment required in full when you order these kits

    Mirror signal manoeuvre kit

    Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre Kit - £951

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    Dash switch kit

    Dash switch Kit - £210

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    Cooling kit

    Cooling system Kit - £420

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    Seat & fuel delivery kit

    Fuel delivery Kit - £836

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    Closing panel kit

    Closing panel Kit - £654

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    Shocks with & without rear bolt kit

    Shock absorber Kit - £495

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    Seat & fuel delivery kit

    Seat Kit - £690

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    exploded kit

    Mazda MX-5 Donor Parts - these are the parts you will need to salvage from your Mk2 MX5 donor

    Wheel & tyre package pics

    Wheel & Tyre Kit - £2,370

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    Engine Bay pics

    Engine Bay Kit - £500

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    Brake pics

    Brake Kit - £75

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    We have created a series of Kits that you can purchase when you are ready, at your own pace, as you build your car.

    Order all kits together (other than starter kit)

    Price £7,201

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