Tipo Top Gear

Tipo 184 receives 9/10 from the Stig & Team at BBC TopGear!

We lent TopGear the Tipo 184 as part of their Speed Week 2021 and faced some serious competition:

Details on the contenders:

Tipo is what Speed Week is all about!

“But sometimes you get in a car and just think ‘this is brilliant. I know it’s not part of the plan, but we need to capture this’. Spontaneity, in other words. Something we are good at here at Top Gear. Naturally, this needed to be captured. It wasn’t part of the plan, but things like this are what makes Speed Week special. So I went and found Mark Riccioni (Top Gear Photographer) and told him that the Tipo 184 was so well balanced and friendly I reckoned I could slide it through Hammerhead one-handed, while he shot out of a tracking car ahead of me.